962 It Does.


I spent part of the day today trying to fix the arm rest in my truck. I have an old Ford Ranger, I think, I always forget if it’s that or a Courrier. Anyway, it’s held together very well these many years, but the armrest was made out of the weakest materials possible. I feel like the design of that armrest was a warning sign for what was going to happen not only to Ford, but all American car manufacturing. At some point it was like people just lost their fucking minds when it came to design. Things are in weird places, made poorly, and all manner of other things. Of course I haven’t been in a new vehicle in a few years, so maybe they sorted some of that stuff out. I kind of doubt it though.

As far as this arm rest goes I’m not sure I can fix it. I might be able to make a replacement though. Honestly, if I just carved one of these things out of wood scraps it would be sturdier than this plastic piece of shit. I might even go so far as to say they intended for this thing to break. It’s so ridiculously flimsy. It’s actually a lid, because the arm rest is one of those ones that’s like a container. The latch is made from a milimeter thick lip of plastic. So it’s been broken for almost the whole time I’ve owned the truck. I’m gonna look around online the next time my net is working properly and see if this is a part I can replace. It seems like a long shot, but you never know. Doesn’t hurt to look. If I can’t find anything I think I could make a replacement in an afternoon. Maybe two if I did a really nice job. It doesn’t even need to be a complex as the actual lid is. it’s made from 3 parts, but it could have been done with 1. Maybe if they had kept it simple I wouldn’t have to be fucking with it right now…

I’ve pretty much figured out why Simcity Social is fun. (In the moments when you can actually do something, and it’s not asking you to pester people for things.) It’s basically Simcity for the SNES upgraded. In fact, it’s even less complex than Simcity SNES. You don’t have to control any of the budget, or utilities, you just make a city. The only thing that slows you down is that in order to complete most tasks you have to get help from friends, or pay an insane amount of money. It’s also difficult to remodel your city because you have to buy or beg for space, and almost every action requires “energy”. It’s really quite diabolical in its design. It’s also exactly the kind of thing I’m drawn to. Setting little things around, just so, on a playing feild. Inflicting my particular sense of order on things. Little squares, tidy rows, lots of little trees and ponds.

The evil of EA (who makes Simcity) is further enhanced by the various scammy offers you can take part in to get free game munny. Like joining the Disney video of the month club, or signing up for a Discover card, or watching a commercial. A commercial is worth 1 munny, by the way. That’s what EA values a portion of your time on Earth at. You know what you can do with 1 munny in game? DICK. It’s, like, 40 to do even simple stuff. Which really made me feel like EA doesn’t value life in any meaningful way. Still, I almost signed up for the Discover card because I don’t have a credit card, but I do buy stuff, and Discover offers points you can use towards other stuff. My mom has one and she’s very good at making use of the added value. She said that I would probably be denied anyway, which only made me more curious… I remember a time when I could stick my hand in the mailbox and throw away a stack of credit cards BEGGING me to use them. I have a hard time beliveing that enough legislation has passed to change the ease of getting credit.

Anyway I’m torn on the whole EA thing because they own Mass Effect now and it’s totally the best game that I’m thinking of right now. I guess I just have to keep supporting this evil company so I can see what Happens to Shepard. Whatevs.