955 Ghosts Of Ourselves.


I’ve only ever lost one game. Physically lost the cartridge. I’ve lost many many contests. I’ve had some stolen, and the one I count as lost might have been, but it’s the only one I don’t KNOW was stolen. Shanghai Pocket for the Gameboy Color is the game in question. I went to a lot of trouble to get the game. It wasn’t available in my shithole town, and you couldn’t just order stuff back then. It was a huge hassle. For the most part if it wasn’t on the shelf you didn’t get it. I always felt bad for losing it, but not because I didn’t play it enough. It was glued to me for a long time. Which is part of what made its dissapearance so odd. It was hardly out of my sight. But that’s all as may be. Why I bring this up is that I still have its box and papers, like most of my games. Except I have no game to put inside it. Or at least I didn’t. Recently I have found that the demand for old games has fallen sharply. So I was able to get a very nice copy for next to nothing. Apart from an upper case J written on the back of the game in sharpie the thing looks brand new. So that little hole in my heart has been filled.

I kind of want to find a nice Gameboy color to go with my others. My mom has my original one to play Tetris on. I used to have a spare, but I gave it away because I’m super nice, and awesome to be friends with. The old hardware is actually still pretty pricey if it’s in good shape. Heck, even the shitty ones are overvalued at the moment. I don’t know the why of that, but there we are. I’d kind of like to find a Pokemon one, but that seems unlikely. I suspect any of those that still exist are hoarded by collectors.