945 Wizard Ninja Sniper.


The comics for this week, and next, have been an amazing hassle. I have had to go in and fix so many mistakes I’m not catching until after I’ve walked away for a while. It comes from looking at them too long, and being tired. Everything kind of starts to look like a muddy mess after a while. You stop remembering details. Even now I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, and I’m sure one of you bright eyed readers will spot it. Which is good. Even as mad as I get when I’m having my spelling corrected I still appreciate the fact that someone is looking closely enough to notice. It’s a trait I don’t have. Even when reading other people’s work I rarely notice spelling. As long as I understand the author’s intent I could give a fuck.

I do notice there, their, and they’re used incorrectly, and the variations of to, but that’s about it. It has to be pretty egregious for me to notice. As far as art goes the only thing I spot as wrong right off is perspective. I’m terrible at using it properly myself, but I always notice it when it’s wrong. The title screen of Snoopy’s Street Fair is off just a bit. I think it’s done intentionally to make it look like an element was put together by a child, but it just looks like a drawing mistake.

In some ways I actually like seeing errors in the works of successful people. It’s like, if they can fuck things up and still do okay then it must not be that big of a deal.

They had 3 Drill Seargent chase figures at the store today and I almost got one, but I convinced myself not to. As far as I know the insides of the figure are the same as any other version of the toy, so there’s no point in having it. The legendary figures are actually listed in the games, but not the clear versions. That said, if I ever found a clear Stealth Elf I would get that one, because she is my favoritest one of all. Also Hex.

Speaking of games, I am looking forward to a lot more of them now. The 3DS is getting some must haves for the holiday season. Of course I won’t be getting them at that time, but I’m glad to know that they exist and I will get to play them at some point in my future. The top of the list is occupied by New Super Mario Brothers 2: Fuckin’ Coins! It looks as solid as the previous 2 games and has the racoon tail power up in it. The main thing of Fuckin’ Coins seems to be coin collecting, strangely enough. That appears to be Nintendo’s bid for extending play time. Normally I’d be annoyed by a mechanic like that, but the previews have made it look like it will actually be fun to run around grabbin’ dem coins. What you need them for is a mystery to me, but my guess is you need to save Peach with them in some way. (I’m not totally sure, but I think in Japanese Peach is called Momo Hime. I kind of like the idea that her first name could be Momo, since none is ever given. Which would mean that her name would literally mean Princess Peach Peach, and that is goddamn adorable and in keeping with the naming convention started by Mario himself.)

I was testing my N64 the other day and put in Mario Kart 64 just to see what I thought of it in light of the tracks used in Mario Kart 7. I never played it in its prime, I picked the game up used long after the fact and never really played it very much. Maybe 3 or 4 times ever. I didn’t actually like any Mario Kart games until Mario Kart DS, then I went back and played the Gamegume one, which was alright, but I still liked the DS version best. 64 is okay. I can’t imagine sitting down and really unlocking the whole thing, but it was fun to see what the familiar tracks were like in their original incarnations. I was able to navigate them much more easily than the ones I’de never seen before, and MK64 has some brutal tracks. One of them is almost all cliff. I spent all my time falling to my doom. It was quite pathetic. Anyway, I’m glad they kept at it. I’ve had a lot of good times with the latest versions of the series.