946 You I Love.


Alright, I’m not going to spell out the “make due” thing for you guys, but the original choice was intentional. Carol is enjoying some wordplay, but I couldn’t think of a way to phrase it and present it that made it obvious enough that she is telegraphing her intentions. Nina and Reggie clearly don’t pick up on it, but spoken she would emphasize the words make due as though she was making quotation fingers. Which she doesn’t do. What I wanted was another panel that had a close up of her face that helped to convey this, but I couldn’t work it out. At the rate I’m going the pages are going to end up being even longer than they are now if I keep trying to present things the way they are in my head. X3 I guess if it comes down to it I can always try 5 days a week again. XD If I gain a superpower, or something maybe.

The title of this page is fairly obscure. I wonder if anyone will know what it’s from. Hope I haven’t used it before…

I have not properly slept in about 3 days. There have been interruptions. The kind I can’t ignore. It is wearing on me. Reminds me of when I was working in a video rental store. We had an overnight, and I worked most of the day before, then overnight, and well into the next day. I think I was at the store from 2PM till 12PM the next day. Eventually I just went home, because nothing important in the world hinges on rental video being in alphabetical order it turns out.

There were things to do, of course, but it never stops. There will always be things to to. You do all you can in the time you have then resume the next day. That’s how it works. Except I got home, tried to go to sleep, but got a call from my manager. She was mad because I left the store having not done all the things, and didn’t seem to understand that people sleep. I resigned my position right there and told her if she wanted to fire me that was up to her. I’d be in the store once I FUCKING GOT TO SLEEP. When I did return to work I insisted that I be reduced in rank or fired. At that time I did the work of at least 2 people, so she agreed grudgingly. There was the added bonus that for various reasons my pay grade couldn’t be lowered. So I kept doing the same ammount of work for the same pay, but no one could reasonably give me shit because I wasn’t the actual manager of anything. (I did this same thing 3 or so more times, getting a pay upgrade each time. I was making store manager money by the time I left. Which was really sad for store managers because it wasn’t nearly enough for that shithole.)

That lady was probably the 3rd worst manager I ever worked for. She actually had kind of a hard luck story, but I never could barely work up any sympathy for her. She was just too heinous. I think she lasted 2 or 3 more months before she finally broke. One of her best friends went first, who was managing another store. After that it was only a matter of time because her support structure had crumbled, essentially. One of my best friends had left prior to all this, but wanted to work part time again. He had left in good standing with the company, but she didn’t like him, so when I asked if he could get rehired she said “Ferdinand Melish will never work here again.” (names changed to protect the innocent. XD) It was truly glorious, shortly after she quit, when she came in to shop and he was like “Heeeeeey.” Good times.