939 Everyone Is Dicks.


I have been waiting for the net to come back online. It was fine when I got home, but I didn’t instantly sit down and upload the new page, so I was punished. I was just about to drive in to town to see if I could use some free wi-fi and things came back up. Good thing too as I’ve had quite enough travel for one day, thank you very much.

This page is so odd in its construction, but I like it. Cutting away to John amuses me to no end. His withered form melting into the cold tiles of children’s books… Cursing those who left him behind. XD

I found my set of Pokemon TCG league badges the other day. I have a complete set from the second… wave? Round? Whatever they called it. I’ve got a couple from the first wave too, but not a whole set. I’m not sure why we never got all of the original run in my store, but as janky as everything we did was it’s just as surprising we had a Pokemon league at all. I actually liked the Pokemon card game. I played Magic before that, but swore it off after I realized I was in a little too deep. I only ever got a few hundered Pokemon cards, which is not a lot in TCG terms. A standard deck set came with something like 60 cards prepackaged. I only got enough cards to remake my deck from the Gameboy Color game they made. Unfortunately the actual game rules and the gameboy rules were slightly different, so my killer deck in game was muted somewhat in real life. That said it was still a good time. I actually kept those cards whereas I sold my Magic ones. Excepting for a complete set of Homelands. I thought I had a deck of each color saved too, but I haven’t seen them in years, so i must have sold them or lost them. By the time Yu-Gi-Oh came along I was OUT of patience for that kind of thing. Every so often I have moments where I think I want to play again, but they soon pass. Thankfully.