933 Little Prince.


Remember when I was all about those blind bag MLP figures? I finally got a replacement Lily Blossom for the one with the fucked up hair. I went online and got the updated code list. On my latest excusrion into the world I happened upon a fresh box. Just for giggles I also marked the bags I checked, before I found the one I wanted, with their character names. XD So some kid will be able to get the exact pony they want if they want one in the first half of that box.

I also had a long conversation with a lady who was restocking the Lego section. She was curious about what I was doing with my iPod and the blind bag Halo figures. So I explained the whole affair. She posited that if they simply sold the figures there would be less theft. Which is hard to argue with. I understand the thinking behind blind bags though. It appeals to the gambler in people. Even kids. The idea that you could find a rare figure is enticing. Of course I hate games of chance, so I cheat.

Whoever makes the Mario Kart construction sets decided not to encourage theft. Their bags are marked clearly. Lego is also offering inexpensive character packs. I saw some Harry Potter ones. I don’t have any use for them, but it’s cool that you can get the characters without having to but a playset now.

I remember years and years ago hearing about how popular blind bag toys are in Japan. It took over a decade, and an economic colapse, for us to even try them. I used to ebay pvc Transformer figures that were blind box. of course I knew what they were so it wasn’t the same thing as finding them in a store. They released a domestic version on blister cards. In fairly limited numbers really, but we did get some of them. I think I got all that they ever released here, in addition to a few from Japan. The very last one I got was Skywarp, and it was way after they were in stores, but I wanted all 3 seekers.

Anyway, whatever…

I had some Nintendo Club points left from last year, and they told me they were going to expire, which I think is BS, but that’s just how it is, I guess. So I had to use them. I didn’t have enough for anything super good, not that there’s a world of option there anyway… Eventually I settled on a carrying case for 3d2 games. It can actually hold regular DS games too, which is good because I only have 2 3DS games. It showed up the other day. There are a few options for the sleeve insert. None of them all that great. Right now I have the Princess Peach/Yoshi one in. I didn’t fill it with games. I left spaces for Pokemon Conquest and whatever the new Pokemon will be called.

the Nintendo Club has started offering DLC for points, but so far it’s all been crap I have no use for. It’s progress though.