934 Yesss.


For the record, she’s saying yes like Beast Wars Megatron.

They have these displays of lolipops at Wal-Mart that are all like “gourmet lolipops”. They never seem to move very fast. As far as I can tell at any rate. It could be that they are just keeping them well stocked, so it only seems like they never sell. In any case, the lolipops are really good. They almost never have those bubbles in them that you cut your tongue on. I like them very much. Calling them gourmet might be overselling them a little, but they are super good. Provided you like whatever flavor you get. I always get cherry, or grape. I didn’t see grape available on the display, but cherry is almost always a flavor choice.

Candy flavor doesn’t usually taste like whatever it’s supposed to be. It’s more like someone doing an impression of a flavor that makes you think of that taste. Apple flavoring tends to be green, so I assume they are supposed to taste like granny smiths, which is fine but they aren’t my favorite. I’d rather that they try for red delicious, but all I’ve ever seen that smelled like those was soap. It’s my favorite soap though. I want to taste it, but I’m pretty sure the taste won’t match the smell. Orange tends to be the only flavor that actually tastes like what it’s supposed to. Candies, but still pretty correct. Except with those one jelly beans. Those taste like whatever they say they will. I like the Dr Pepper ones. I suspect they are similarly bad for you though.

This next little part with Carol and these two was really fun. Sometimes the characters really surprise me, even as I’m drawing them, with how perfectly they play a scene, or even deliver a line. I understand that I’m making it all happen, but the happy accidents that I don’t directly control almost make them all seem apart from me, and I’m just telling a story that they wrote. Even though they don’t like each other these three have a chemistry that is incredibly entertaining to me.