927 Garbage Can Man.


I randomly started collecting Halo Mega Bloks several weeks ago. It started with the blind packs. I looked up all the codes online and got a complete set of series 3. I only wanted series 4, but I couldn’t find time to get back to the store that had them. They had two boxes for months and months, so I wasn’t worried. Long story short, all but one bag was gone when I went through today. The only reason I got that one was because someone had been trying to steal it, and another one, and apparently been disturbed. All the Marvel ones were gone too, except for a single pack that wasn’t even from the right series for the box. Anyway, I was shocked that they were all gone. They literally sat there, virtually untouched, for months. So, unless I end up traveling to some out of the ordinary place, Series 4 is lost to me. As I’ve said before I like the idea of Halo, but am bad at the game. For me the best thing about Halo is Red Versus Blue, but I like the design of the world and whatnot. The genericness of the armor also lets you imagine anyone you want under the helmet.

Mega Bloks were always the poor kid’s Legos when I was little, and they still are kind of. The quality of their stuff is scattershot. The Marvel guys, for example, are not well sculpted. As long as the character’s face is covered by something they are great. Iron Man, Spiderman, ect… All fine. Sandman, Mister Fantastic, not so much. That said, they are better toys than Legos figures. They don’t look nearly as out of place with other toys. Halo Mega Bloks are even a step above the Doctor Who Character Building sets as far as sculpting goes. CB is a little too Lego. Better than Lego for looking like what they are supposed to, but not as good as Mega Bloks. Kre-O has the same problem. They figures are too worried about being compatible with Legos. That said, the sets themselves are cooler than a lot of the Lego stuff. As long as you want to make a Transformer anyway.

Legos are better for free building. Their blocks are of a noticably higher quality. They are the perfect brick for building the background of play world. The figures are where things fall flat for them. So it kind of comes down to what you want out of a construction toy. For me it’s obstacles and structures for use with other toys, and making various stands for electronics. XD

They still have a ton of MLP blind bags, but the codes for them are wildly complex now. one of these days I might see if I can just find the one for Lily Blossom and try to get a better one than the one I have.

Blind bags are all the rage right now. Tons of lines have them. Lego seems to have realized that if they don’t make them blind they are less apt to get opened, or stolen, and therefore unsold. It’s easy to see why they own the construction brick market. Quick on their little square feet.