790 Robosexual.


I think Thomas must go talk to Nina first when he wants to talk about something he might get made fun of for. So as to emotionally prepare for it. Her reaction to his question amuses me to no end. She clearly has grown accustomed to being hit with very random, very nerdy, questions. She’s humoring him to the point of teasing. They say you should write what you enjoy reading, or seeing as the case may be, and I certainly do that. I don’t need a punchline to enjoy a comic. Interplay between people fascinates and entertains me. Of course in the case of the comic it’s practically masturbatory, since I’m playing all the parts.

It’s never really been mentioned in detail in the comic, but I did write a fairly complex backstory for Thomas and Nina. I don’t intend to tell that story here and now, but eventually I will. I’ve tried to make their familiarity seem natural in their scenes together. It’s guesswork since my relationships with females tend to be very superficial. At least on my side. I can generate a pretty convincing faux intimacy when called upon, however rarely, to do so. I’m not particularly deep. If you scratch my surface you’re going to find more surface. For the most part I am as I am. Or it could be that I am deep, but too close to myself to see it that way. The long and the short of it is that even platonic relationships with girls tend to end badly. In that respect Thomas and Nina’s relationship doesn’t ring true to my ears. It seems to for people who’ve had different experiences from me, so I must be presenting a reasonable facsimile of this kind of friendship.

If I am feel free to praise me, if not then let me remain blissfully ignorant. XD