791 Her Answer To Everything.


I should have let you guy write this one for me. You’ve all but touched on every point these two are going to bring up. I haven’t seen the main one yet though. Maybe some enlightened soul will come up with it.

In any case it’s pretty amusing to see how nerd discussions tend to evolve in the same way every time. I’m sure it must be that way for sport debates as well, I just can’t sort them out since I have no basis for comparison. In any discussion the most obvious points are going to be trotted out first, so I guess that must be the underlying cause for the sameness.

Knowing Thomas, he’s probably not all that disturbed, or maybe he’s playing it up a bit because he’s expressing his ideas openly, but whatever the case the real point is to see other people’s reactions. Data collection. Learning how various people react to the same situation, question, or what have you.