923 Excise.


Usually when I sit down to post the comic I also write the blog to go with. Today I uploaded the page but was really sleepy. It’s such a rarity for my body to volunteer to sleep that I’ve gotten into the habit of just taking a nap whenever it happens, if circumstance allows. That was at about 8. It’s 10 till 10 now. I just woke up from a dream about he backyard being flooded and one of the dogs swimming out of the fence. It’s a little disorienting.

I’ve woken out of two dreams recently. Which is bad in that it means that the depression that I’ve been feeling isn’t passing as quickly as it has been for a long time now. It’s affecting me physically too. I guess we’ll just have to see how things go. I’ve learned ways to cope. Hopefully it will pass without much trouble this time. The upside for you all is that you may get to read another round of my weird dreams.

This one with the flooded backyard was strange in that it was like it started from the point that I laid on the floor to nap and then just ran with things. The backyard was flooded for some reason and it caused the gate to come open. Crow swam off, except there were a series of sheds that don’t actually exist that he swan over to. There was also a bag full of mice running around the house. it was a mesh bag so they could kind of run as a group around the place. We had to grab it and drown them, which I wasn’t really pleased to do. I hadn’t actually committed to it. In fact I think that’s what woke me up. I got to the point of actually having to do that and poited out.