922 Constance.


This is another one of those pages that will make a lot less sense if you haven’t read the original story that starts the comic. Starting at about page 151 Thomas finds something out that leads, essentially, to his relationship with Carol. Some people absolutely understand why Thomas acts the way he does when it comes to exgirlfriends, others are completely flummoxed. It seems to be one of those things that you either get, or you don’t. The fact of the matter is that people handle loss in many different ways, and sometimes that way is very destructive.

I’ve been working on the duck scale of coolness.

Howard The Duck (movie/comic)

Magica DeSpell

Darkwing Duck

Scrooge McDuck

Daisy Duck

Launchpad McQuack

Mighty Ducks (Various)

Maui Mallard

Ducktales Extras

Count Duckula

Daffy Duck

The Duck Triplets

Donald Duck


Wade Duck (U.S. Acres)

Yakky Doodle

Rubber Duck

Howard got such a high spot on the list only for getting to frolic with an almost nude Lea Thompson.

Yeah, this stuck with 8 year old me.

Easily the best part of that movie, which I freely admit isn’t saying much. There’s a huge Disney showing on this list. They really have the anthro duck market locked down. This is just a preliminary list based on the order I thought of the characters.

Maui Mallard is, apparently an alter ego of Donald Duck, but I never knew that because the North american release makes no mention of that. I only ever saw the box. So I always thought he was some random Disney Duck from a show I never saw. It turns out that in every other release it’s explicitly stated that Maui Mallard and Donald are one and the same. Of course not being Donald is what makes Maui so much cooler. Except now I know he’s like some sort of Chris Gaines persona. I’m not sure if he should even be on the list now.

Generally speaking I hate all the Looney Tunes characters, but the newest show has warmed my frozen heart. They are almost fresh and tolerable in that incarnation, which sets Daffy far above Donald on the list.