1408 Cardio.


I really wish I had more time to give to this page. I was still pretty off when I made it and it looks different to my eyes now. It’s a page that really showcases some of my favorite aspects of Nina as a character. She chooses to strive for joy against the uncertainty of the world. It took me almost three decades to even come close to understanding why this is one of the best choices to make. It’s not easy either. It takes an almost delusional strength to see the world the way she does. She makes it seem effortless. A benevolent creature gliding from place to place while trying to bring joy to others. What a gift people like her are.

Went to the doctor today. Talked about all the issues I need to deal with. He seemed pretty pleased with my status. I was out and about for several hours, but eventually the heat finally got to me and I had to go sit in the car and wait for everyone else. Being up on my bad leg made it swell up quite a bit, but it went back down a lot once I got it elevated again. I still can’t take heat for very long, but that seems to be a combination of things contributing to that problem and not one serious one. Basically I’m still healing and this is just part of it. I don’t need any special gear for the foot, but I’m looking into alternate masks and things for my cpap. It’s having a significant enough ill effect on my sleep that I got reffered to a specialist about it, rather than a regular tech. So I’m doing okay.

I got the statement for the ambulance ride today. It’s just ridiculous. 1070 dollars. Can you believe that? Why in the world is it so expensive? I could repair my truck significantly for that kind of money. With my insurance I have to pay about $400. That just blows my mind. The rest of the bill is absolutely terrifying to me. I’m having visions of all the donation money not even denting it…

Nothing for it but to just keep working and hope things work out.