1407 As Subtle As Her Teeth.


Blatant Nina is blatant.

Sorry guys. I fell asleep. I’ll talk when I wake up, okay?

Man alive. I am so sore. My back is just destroyed from this lack of activity. I’m just rolling around on the floor in an attempt to loosen up my muscles. I need to elevate my foot but I’m going nuts. I’m sure I’ve been up on it way more than I should be. I’m hardly what you would call active, but I wasn’t aware just how much I wander around until I couldn’t do it freely anymore. It’s not that I even like going outside particularly, but I had gotten used to my little routine of going to the post office and whatnot. I tell you what though, I have got to get some actual sleep soon. If this fucking cpap doesn’t start doing something soon I’m going to have to figure out something else to do. I can’t function of this shitty sleep and it’s starting to really mess with my sanity. After the fucking ordeal of the hospital I never got any time to fix that whole sleep deprivation thing before I started this new torture. I swear it’s like it just spends the whole night blowing allergens in my face and I wake up like I escaped from the Happening. This thing that is supposed to make me healthy is killing me, Smalls.

The mask is just not right. I don’t think my face is abnormal, but it just won’t keep sealed. I tightened it up, but then I woke up with this headache and the back of my skull was asleep, which is kind of terrifying because You should just always be able to feel the back of your head.

Did I ever tell you about the office where I got the cpap? It was this crappy, dirty, old office on main street. Unfinished, unprofessional, and off putting. The lumberjack secretary didn’t help matters any. It was like “This is where they’re keeping the machine I’m supposed to breathe with…?” Another example of American health care being the best in the world, he said sarcastically…

I did a huge stack of Patreon drawings yesterday. If you didn’t get yours yet just be patient. I’m on the case. Nobody has contacted me over the go fund me rewards yet. If you want one I put a post on the account. I’m not actually in direct control of it, so I don’t get messages from the system it has inside. Or whatever it does. I don’t really know how it works, I just let Ian do everything.

Thanks to whoever sent me the anonymous present. That was way too nice of you. I’m not going to say what it was so that if you ever change your mind about wanting me to know who you are we’ll be the only people who know. Except for The Teen, who made me open the box in front of her and then told me it was stupid, I was stupid, and I didn’t need it. When she asked me why you sent it I said “Good things happen when you do things for people other than yourself on the internet.” Then I got her the aloe so she could rub in all over he skin because of MY SICK BURN!!

(I actually stuck the bottle in her bed after I got it from the bathroom and asked if she wanted me to apply some, just to mess with her a little more. XD)

I’ve been hoarding boxes for shipping stuff but I finally broke them down so they could be stored more easily. The all fit in a really big box I have, so I cqn use them when I need them, but they take up much less space. I mean boxes are like 3 bucks or so depending on the size, so why waste that?

I still haven’t got my bill for the hospital yet and it’s really starting to bother me. If I understand my insurance correctly I have to pay 30% of the total. It’s going to be so bad. I don’t understand how someone goes through cancer or something really serious that takes a long time. I mean it must destroy their life even if they survive. I’m all for everyone taking care of their own business, but man… It seems like there should be a better way.

It makes me want to donate money I don’t have to people who also don’t have money. Which makes no logical sense. It’s kind of like when someone I like who has a Patreon signs up for my Patreon and I want to sign up for theirs. I’m like “We should just share our content with each other so we don’t have to pay the fees…”

I just need to be better at things. Work harder at everything and really make some obvious progress. I feel like Krillin in the last seasons of Dragonball. This little dude at his limits surrounded by exceptional people who just can’t be any better at anything. I think that if Krillin hadn’t gotten Android 18 he would have killed himself. Because he was just out of his depth all the fucking time at the end. Actually that’s not right. The fact that Krillin knows he’s fucked all the time but stays right there trying to help is what makes him awesome. I mean he was basically done being a viable fighter by the Frieza saga, but he just keeps hanging with Goku even though people keep showing up to kick his ass all the time.

I guess there are worse people to be like than Krillin… Like Yamcha, or Chioutzu.