902 Sneak Attack 2: Electric Boogaloo.


Ever since my flippant remarks durring that comic contest I’ve gotten several messages from Dresden Codak fans, which I choose to read as though I can hear a slight whimper in the voice, wondering how I can possibly dislike said comic. Rather than answer each one I’m just going to lay it out in public, since the guy isn’t going to read this, and would likely not care if he did. I know enough about the title to know that he’s gotten worse shit from better than me.

I don’t have any problem with the art. It’s a beautiful looking comic. That’s what has drawn me in every time I’ve tried to read it. It would take me years at a time to update too if I took that kind of time with my art. In that, at least, I envy the artist’s skill.

My problem is this: reading Dresden Codak is like trying to hang out with someone who is constantly trying to remind you how much smarter they are than you. It’s clearly a linear story, so you can’t just jump in anywhere. I’ve tried. You have to find a jumping on point, or start from the begining. The begining is where the problem is at its worst, but it’s evident at every random point I’ve tried to start from. At its most frustrating reading Dresden Codak is like trying to read David Foster Wallace. (His fiction at any rate. DFW’s nonfiction is actually okay.) The long and the short of it is that I find the writing style and dialog tedious. Which is saying something considering that I enjoy many tedious activities.

I haven’t tried to read Dresden in a long time. The last time I did there was a tiny Sigmund Freud playing D&D with the girl, if memory serves. Just to see if anything had changed I checked out the latest page. It wasn’t anywhere near as annoying as the ones I’ve run across in the past. Maybe it’s finally grown out of the annoying habbits that kept me at arm’s length for so long. I couldn’t say for sure. At any rate that’s what my problem is with it. I don’t want it destroyed, I don’t want people to stop reading, I just can’t get in to it. My complaints are SUBJECTIVE. I don’t think it sucks, but I still wouldn’t want to lose to it in a contest. XD I don’t want to lose to anyone, but the reality is that lots of comics are objectively better, and more popular than mine.

Anyway, I’m thinking about picking up Mass Effect 3 new, if I can scrounge up enough money. (Remember, kids, I’m available for all your art needs.) What I want to know is if a new copy comes with any codes for online content that will be ruined if I get it used. Some of you must have it by now, and product descriptions aren’t nearly as complete as I want them to be. If I try to get a used copy am I going to have to buy content I would have gotten with a new copy? Let me know.