901 Go.


Thank you to those of you who sent happy birthday wishes to me, and also to those who voted for the comic even though it was a lost cause. I don’t know what the level of overlap in in those two groups but I appreciate the whole thing all the same.

Even without internet acces I had a nice birthday and got noce presents. Chief among them was a new PC. It was designed specifically for doing art on, and is very good. I am having the typical issues adapting to the new operating system and whatnot, of course. Problems like not being able to enter text in the blog field for the comic, just as an example. The original post for today was wiped for reasons I don’t fully understand. IE8, or whatever I’m using here has some strange issues with web forms. Anyway, the thing is so fast that when I go to save files it’s done as soon as I issue the command. So I sit and wait for it to finish even though it’s been done for several moments already. Then I do it again just to get a confirmation message.

So far everything seems to be working fine, apart from strange little problems. My scanner doesn’t have drivers for the new system, so that’s going to have to be dealt with eventually. Everything else seems to have what it needs. This thing might even be strong enough to handle streaming video of me drawing. Not that watching me draw is particularly rewarding…