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I’ve been sitting here for a while trying to make decisions and write a post at the same time.  Multitasking is not a strong suit for me.  I’d be done already if I’d just make a choice and focus.  I’ll just combine the two by writing about what I’m doing, which is looking over places to spend a little advertising money.

Between Failures is extremely hard to sell in a little square.  Even if you manage to get someone here they have to be the type of person who can maintain focus long enough to make it through the archives.  You have to kind of sell things on pretty, and pretty is not the best part of the comic.  Especially early on.  I have never come up with a satisfactorily concise enough way to explain Between Failures anywhere.

I know people well enough to understand that if I try to sell it on the merits of the story I’ll basically be pissing away money.  People will not click on an image of Thomas being angsty about retail.  Well, not in numbers sufficient to make it cost effective.

Right now I’m playing around with targeted advertising.  Sort of.  Like the ad I made specially for Shortpacked that mentions Transformers.  The one running on Wapsi Square right now (at least in the places I’m winning the bid.) features tits.  Carol’s of course, because tits are a major part of that comic’s draw.  There may well be a deep storyline concerning the exploits of people touched by the supernatural, but tits is what got the audience there.  Which is fine.  Just because you’re human, and therefore drawn to sexy things, doesn’t mean you aren’t a multifaceted being with an array of likes and dislikes.  Deep down everyone is perverse.  I learned that working retail too.

Getting people here is one thing, getting them to stay is another.  Mostly I just hope for the best.  Hope that once people get there they won’t feel too betrayed that not every page is a temple of sexy.  Hope that the multifaceted human will win out over the pervert that got them here.

Guess we’ll see…