663 Valedicktorian.


Okay, so you remember the minicon that came with the new Huffer transformer, right?  The one who was put together funky?  His head came off the other day.  It came off because it’s set too far forward for one of his transforms to work.  At first I was annoyed over that too, but it stopped obstructing transformation at one point so I though I was just doing it wrong.  It turns out that I had just pressed hard enough to crack his neck, which let it slide back enough for the transform to work.  So, his head came off.  I was like   >:|   .  Anyway, I glued his head back on and noticed that he wouldn’t transform again.  So I surmised all of what I just told you.  I know I glued it on right because the split had a really good crack I could sit the stump in.  Apparently I ended up with a bum version of this guy.  I did shave his joints a little so I could do the leg transforms properly though.  It worked pretty good and you can’t even tell I did it almost.