608 Eucatastrophe.


I’m not sure the title of this page is appropriate.  Someone else can be the judge of that.  If Mike’s choice truly is eucatastrophic it’s the smallest one ever in literature.

I got my new glasses prescription yesterday, but not new frames.  As with everything, some asshole designer somewhere has decreed that no human should wear glasses with round frames.  Usually I cave when presented with something like that, but I’m getting cranky in my old age.  I want what I want, and somewhere out there a pair of glasses still must exist that don’t make me look like hipster trash, or a professor.  I will have them.  Mark me, I will.

Also the creator of The Blonde Marvel told me how to thread comments, so I can finally respond to everybody the way I like to best.  At the very least we won’t have to do the @ thing anymore.  Apparently it’s been a normal setting for a while, but no one bothered to tell me, and I never thought to look.  :B