1142 Bye Bye, French Fry.


Unsurprisingly Ed’s slam ricochets right off of Jessie’s hull, failing to land with any real external damage, and Jess goes in for the kill. Will she be one of the people in the crowd trying to seduce Nina? Who can say? If nothing else she gave her brother fair warning. More than fair really. It’s actually something more like a comic book villain’s subconscious desire to be stopped before they do something terrible. She is her brother’s Joker…

They had a new box of blind bag MLP figures at the store. Seems a little late in the game for it now. I feel like I heard rumors about the show continuing, but there was a sort of finality to the last episode that made it seem like maybe things were done. I guess we’ll see. In any case the boxes were from a wave I didn’t have any of, so I wasn’t able to get the two figures I’m missing from the last box they had.

I did, however, finally get the last figure from the Halo Mega Bloks series seven blind bags. Originally I got a complete set from the first box I found, but the covenant elite commando was incomplete, so I had to go searching for it again. Strangely it’s a common figure, but every box since then had every one of them pulled. It made me wonder if it was happenstance, or if maybe there is someone out there trying to army build with them who also knows about the secret codes. Of course I ended up with a couple of random guys because they switched codes between boxes 3 times and I just had to guess before I found the updated lists. This wave has been the most slapdash of any I’ve collected. Up to this point I’ve had no real problems with the figures being poorly painted, or broken in some way, but this wave… Parts are just not there, paint is random or inconsistent, limbs are incomplete, or loose. Not a good sign. Of course there are signs of cost cutting in a lot of luxury goods, so this shouldn’t really be a surprise.