903 Reach For The Sky.


Thanks for the responses about my Mass Effect question. I didn’t realize you guys weren’t aware that I played the other games. I’m pretty sure I wrote about playing it at one point, but whatever. I think I might pick it up new if I can get the money together. I want the DLC too for sure. I can’t play multiplayer since I don’t have the gold live thing, so that’s not an issue. As far as the ending goes, I suspect that it’s not nearly as big a deal as the internet has made it seem. That said, if they release dlc to alter it I’m all for more content.

My list of games I want is ME3, Skyward Sword, possibly Kid Icarus, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Skylanders DS, and Dragon Age 2.

I’m going to have to get Skylanders new, because after market retailers are selling the figures seperately and then selling the game as new. Which is total bullshit. You have to have at least one Skylander to play, unless I’ve been missinformed. This plays in to the bizarre pricing structure, that is unique to Skylanders, where it goes my toy rules instead of video game rules.

I might have to get Zelda new because I want the code for the nintendo rewards and the CD. America is finally starting to move towards the Japanese style of bonus content with every game, and I want that to continue. Unfortunately the geniuses at Nintendo have packaged the Mario Galaxy CD with a game system RATHER THAN THE FUCKING GAME, so that’s annoying… You could get it with rewards points in Japan, but in America you can get a stylus for the DS… or a screen saver… A GOD DAMN SCREEN SAVER! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS 1994?! WHO THE FUCK EVEN USES SCREEEN SAVERS!? EVERY SYSTEM HAS A SLEEP MODE, YOU DUMB SHITS! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!

But I digress.

I’ve already waited so long with Batman that I’m boned on special DLC no matter how you look at it. Waiting for an all inclusive rerelease might be the better option now. The same goes for Dragon Age 2. Except DA2 has dropped in value so far that it might still be cheaper to just get the used version for $7 and just buy the DLC as it comes. If there even is anything much worth having.

I’m still not sold on Kid Icarus: Uprising. Nintendo really needs a demo in the eshop. The fact that there isn’t one is disturbing. If it’s your shop you really have no excuse to release a game without providing a demo. It makes it seem like you aren’t confident and that you’re trying to hide a flawed product. The fact that it comes with a stand is already a red flag. If you make a game on a portable system DON’T DESIGN IT SO YOU NEED TO CARRY ANOTHER THING TO PLAY IT. Nintendo is terrible about this. I have a pile of add ons for their handhelds that make a very streamlines system into a bulky mess. Then they don’t support the peripheral. My folder of ecards is sad testament to that…

There’s also a new Assasin’s Creed game coming out. It’s set in American Revolution times. I’ve never played the other games, but that setting is really compelling. It’s so rarely used that I’m really interested in the title. The problem, of course, is if I’ll be able to jump into the series from 3 and be cool with it. The other games seemed just tedious enough that I was never convinced to try. Plus it’s several years hence and gameplay in general has improved across the board in such a way that I am loathe to tread such worn ground.

It’s kind of like Mass Effect in that Mass Effect 2 made it basically impossible for me to ever play one again. The planet scavenging that they ditched in 2 was such a huge part of one, and I never want to do it ever again. I feel like there are parts of Assassin’s Creed that I’m not going to be able to tolerate. Some of you must have played it. Have you and advice for me? Can I skip the other games, or do I need to potentially suffer through them on my way to 3?

In other game related news, I got the golden steering wheel on Mario Kart 7. You don’t actually have to win races to get it, jut use it in races. Which is good because I can barely win a race using the wheel controls. Now that I have the gold wheel I never have to use them again, unless I want to. The gyro controls in 7 are much better than on the Wii. I never even tried to get the gold wheel on the Wii because I could barely race at all with that control scheme. I miss the motorcycles in 7 though. It’s a shame they couldn’t add them in. I’d even accept a game that’s just motorcycles if they were of a mind to make one. They made the karts seem bulky and awkward by comparison. Maybe that’s part of why they weren’t included in 7. Now that I think about it I don’t recal seeing many karts being used online. It never occured to me before. Maybe the bikes were overshadowing the karts. I wonder.

I’ve been so busy with other stuff that I haven’t played Tactics Ogre in a long time. The Nintendo games just win over others for being able to be picked up and put down at a moments notice. I even broke out Advance Wars Dual Strike a few times last week. I’m ready for the next one in that series, or Fire Emblem. As long as we don’t get another Days Of Ruin debacle… There’s a Persona remake for 3DS, but I never played it before and it seems maybe a little too involved, even for me. The Pokemon aspect is what worries me about it. I get paralyzed by too many options. It looks really interesting in videos though… Kind of cut and paste anime cast and storyline, but that’s not a deal breaker. Anyone familiar with that series? No one I know is.