898 Sneak Attack.


First of all, I found Lily Blossom today, thus completing a set of blind bag ponies. Unfortunately she’s a little janky. I’ll keep my eye out for another one to see if I can get one with better paint application. If none appears, no big deal.

Edit: voting is over for this bracket now.

At the time of this writing Between Failures is beating Monster Pulse. There’s about 24? hours left for voting. If it goes on to the next bracket it will lose to Dr. Mc Ninja. I pulled in less than half of it’s total votes so far, and there’s no reason to suspect that a groundswell of support is coming. I actually have enough regular readers to even beat Homestuck, so long as its participation stays around 6k. There are apparently 400 some odd people who actually pay attention to the nonsense I write down here. Not bad really. I don’t even read the blogs of most of the comics I read, but those people are tedious and I am effervescent. XD In any case it looks like Between Failures might not go out in the first round, which is something at least. And I recognize that this is a popularity contest, but what it’s useful for is getting an idea of how many readers you can mobelize to accomplish something. There are about 400 truly dedicated readers that are willing to click two things and navigate a really shitty website to do something I asked them to. Not only do I appreciate that, but it’s also valuable information. It means I need to be significantly more interesting in the journal. XD

I’m having a hard time getting my thoughts together. I went to the doctor again today and got a shot, and also maybe a little heatstroke. Tetnus shots aren’t very painful at all. They must be the easiest ones to get. I’ve ben on antibiotics for, like, 2 weeks. You’re not supposed to go in direct sunlight when you’re on them, but I did for a while today. I was already tired from not sleeping well and having to get up early a couple of days in a row. Now I just feel generally sick… but I don’t have lockjaw… or protussus… because that’s the secret prize in a tetnus shot now, or so the doctor told me. What the heck was I talking about?

Oh yeah, the voting thing. The thing I’m talking about today is a new thing from the one I talked about on… Monday? It’s like a sports touuunament. Single elimination. So every few days it’s a new thing to vote for. Which is super annoying, I know. This is the new link. http://www.comicmix.com/news/2012/03/14/vote-in-the-mix-march-madness-2012-webcomics-tournament-first-round/ I can’t get it to be a text link because the site is glitching on me like a little bitch. I don’t know where I was going with this. Thanks for voting however many times if you did. And preemptive thanks if you keep doing it later on. I’m probably going to be putting updates about the whole thing up with these Harry Potter things I’ve been drawing. As I make them done. It’s Reggie, John, and Jess next because of the twitter poll I held. So that’ll be fun.

I need to be not sitting here for a little while. I’ll see you guys later on, okay?