897 Cusp.


First of all, many thanks to those of you who voted me for the thing the other day.  Many enemies were crushed.  I’ll get to the uncrushed ones soon enough…

I’m not actually sure what the final point of that whole thing is actually, or how it works going forward, but I guess If I need you guys for anything later on I’ll let you know.  XD

I’ve secured The Adventures Of Tintin for viewing later.  I’ll let you know how that goes. 

I finally cancelled my netflix account since they haven’t updated their anime catalog in quite some time.  Having watched all the Doctor Who I neded to, and most of the anime available, it was becoming almost impossible to find anything worth seeing that I couldn’t see for free some other way, or with better services I already pay for. 

I downloaded the demo for Resident Evil: Revalations a while back.  I’m sick of the series, but the demo was really well done.  I could see the title doing well.  You can only play a little section of it, but you get 30 tries before it deletes itself, or something.  The countdown is such bullshit because you have access to such a small section most people are going to get sick of it long before 30 tries are up.  I was sick of it after 2.  Honestly if someone want’s to play the same ten minute section of your game, over and over, just fucking let them.  They’re either too poor to get the game proper, which is bad enough, or there’s something badly wrong with them.  Why Capcom gotta be a dick about everything anymore?  That’s not much of a slight really, but Capcom’s relationship with its fans is getting more and more adversarial.  I swear they are actively trolling Megaman fans at this point. 

I managed to get the Mass Effect 3 demo to download.  Took almost 8 hours, but whatever, I guess…  I’ve been away from Mass Effect long enough that I don’t clearly remember how it played in 2.  I just remember being a total badass by the end and how awesome the story was.  I did not feel that way in the demo.  And rightly so really.  You’re dropped into situations where you’re supposed to be at a disadvantage.  I would have liked access to a sniper rifle though.  I ended up shotgunning almost everyone because I can’t aim for shit.  After a few hours of play maybe I’ll adjust.  As it stands now, if you are a wall in ME3 I am your worst nightmare.  Stationary objects are fucked!  I really disliked how the enemies tossed grenades constantly.  It seemed like they had an endless supply of the damn things.  Anyway, it was nice to see Xrex, Garrus, Mordin, and Liara again.  There’s really no character that I don’t want access too.  My top picks for squads are any combination of Tali, Garrus, Wrex, or Thane.

In my playthrough Kaiden died, and I romanced Ashley. (I played a version where I went with Liara, but I think that file got corrupted. It may be inverted though.) In 2 I romanced Tali, and on another try I went for Miranda.  So that’s two possible playthroughs right there.  Honestly, I never want to play Mass Effect ever again.  I could play 2 a few more times if need be.  Ideally there will be some way to start a character fresh while still making all the choices possible between the various games.  2 Had that comic thing you could do.  I never used it, but I may for a future platthrough.  Hopefully something like that will exist for 3.