1156 It’s Me, Carol.


Had a dream the other day. I was driving my old pickup down some backroads after it had rained pretty heavily. It was still overcast and sprinkley. It was a place I’ve been before, but I don’t remember where exactly it is now. I think it’s a place where the road runs along the Arkansas river. There are trees lining it pretty heavily. As I’m driving along I notice a minivan parked halfway down a slope that would normally lead to the bank of the river. Since it’s been raining however it’s partially submerged. There’s a woman sleeping in the driver’s seat. I guess that the water rose so slowly, and since the area is sheltered from the current, she didn’t notice her vehicle being filled. She’s not really in danger, so I just kind of drive by. She’s going to have a really rude awakening in a few minutes by the look of things though. There’s no place to turn around so I drive for a little ways until I come to a crossing. Then I decide to go back and see if she needs a ride, since her van will at least be stuck until the water subsides. By the time I get back the water is just starting to touch the back of her seat. The incline is pretty steep so she’s leaning back quite a bit and I’ll have to actually wade into the water to wake her up, which I don’t want to do. The rising water is about to take care of that for me, so I just wait it out. When it reaches her butt she freaks out. Totally startled and flailing for a few long, and hilarious, moments before she sorts herself out. Eventually she notices me sitting there and wades over to the road. She walks over to the truck and I ask if she needs a ride. She starts in asking me why I didn’t wake her up and whatnot. I ask her why she parked her van on a river bank during a rainstorm. She doesn’t have a good answer because it’s clearly in the top 3 stupidest moves you can make in a downpour. I ask her if she needs a ride again and she grudgingly accepts. I tell her to wait a minute while I get my emergency blanket from the back. I turn away from the truck as I’m handing it to her and ask where she needs to go. While she’s telling me I turn back around and the truck is rapidly shrinking until it’s the size of my shoe. Disbelief no longer suspended I think “Damnit, this is a fucking dream…” and wake up. Dorothy is kicking my legs with all four of her paws in her sleep.