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Look up the title of this page if you want to have a laugh.

Well, I saw the first disc of Queen’s Blade. It was not as bad as I was led to believe, but not… good. It’s about as close as you can get to being porn without just stepping over the thresh hold. Basically chicks fight one another to various levels of undress in a very anime way. It’s exploitative, but meh. Even early on it exhibits obsessions with sexual themes that the Japanese seen particularly drawn to. Such as super violent lesbians and siblings that are WAY too close.

The cast is, for all intents and purposes, all female. In fact, most of the male cast is voiced by one guy who doesn’t even pretend that it isn’t him. The writing is hit and miss. The lead girl is written inconsistantly. They were trying to show her inner turmoil, I imagine, but it comes across like she’s bordering on having multiple personalities. Of course the writing in Japanese might be better, but I couldn’t tell you. I listened to the dub because I didn’t want to give this thing all of my attention.

My understanding is that the series is based on some kind of card game. There’s maybe some kind of fiction that ties it all together loosely or something. The basic plot is that every 4 years sexy ladies fight to see who gets to be the new queen. Hence the name. It’s kind of sad, in a way, because the idea has potential. Had the intention been anything more than making softcore fightporn this could have been a good show. I’m far from opposed to blatant pandering, but I like it more carefully presented. Who knows though, maybe the series gets better after the 4th episode. Seems unlikely, but you never know. Or at least I won’t, since I didn’t Netflix the second disc. XD It looked like there was going to be an adorable Egyptian themed girl in the 5th episode. That was nearly enough to draw me back in.

Anyway, like I said, Queen’s Blade isn’t terrible for what it is. It could have been a lot more though.

I’ve been slowly going through my boxes of old stuff recently to see what all I can get rid of. I used to buy a lot of things just because they were there. Like CCGs and what have you. I also used to obsessively keep old packaging, so I’m trying to consolidate and whatnot. I’ve pitched a few things already and have a small pile of stuff I think will sell on Ebay. There’s also a pile of stuff for friends of things like art supplies I know I’ll never use. I’ll try to have a little list here so you guys can have first crack if you want. So far I have all the pieces of a Belldandy figure from Oh, My Goddess, and a weird set of Big O toys that are Roger, Angel, and Big Duo. I have no idea why Big Duo would come with them when neither of them piloted it. If memory serves… There’s also Cyclops from Marvel Vs Capcom with his leather jacket. I think he has an optic blast thing that I still haven’t found. I also have a figure of Storm from the X-men when she had short hair with super long sidebangs. I’ve got the regular hair version of her kicking around too… The last things are the 3 Warcraft figures they released when Warcraft 3 came out: Dwarfy McAxhaver, Ponytail Hammertroll, and Greenbeard Antlerhead. I’m sure you’ll all remember them from the expanded fiction. So far those are all the things I know I have all the bits of.

I’m probably going to get rid of every Marvel thing I have since I only like the new toys that are all the same scale now. These big toys just don’t cut it for display purposes anymore. They must still be popular though cause they sure haven’t given up on them on the shelves. They made toys of every loser back in the day. I’ve got some weird ones kicking around. If any of them survive the cull it will the the Age Of Apocalypse ones. That was pretty much the last time I gave a shit about X Men before the comics crash.