833 The Two Who Got Away.


So, as some of you know, I actually found the Warriors 3 randomly in a store the other day. Normally I wouldn’t buy 3 guys at once, but I’ve learned that he who hesitates is truly lost. I had a commission ready to send out so I basically blew that money on these dudes. They come with the stupidest action weapons, except for Hogun. He actually comes with a cool axe that becomes 2 hand blades and a mace. They should have gone with that theme for the whole toy line, but what do I know? Fandral has a sheath for his sword, but it’s stuck to his leg in an odd way. It bends the blade if you try to use it. I can’t endorse this design flaw. Having these guys all lined up brings to mind something else about the movie I don’t think I mentioned. Loki is really badass. He’s a cool member of the team and not really that bad a dude. It’s kind of a shame that he couldn’t cope with Thor being a d-bag at the start of the movie. I liked him as a good guy. On some level I think his concerns about Thor being a bad king were reasonable. He just went overboard in trying to do something about it. It’s a shame.

I’m looking forward to finally getting to see Green Lantern and Captain America this month too. I suspect that GL won’t be even close to as bad as I’ve heard on the net. Captain America has a lot of praise to live up to, but the previews and stuff seemed solid. Lots of people liked it. I hope it doesn’t work like some kind of inverse law.