812 Naturally.


Theres a free Play-Doh app for the iPod.  It’s totally for kids, and dumb as fuck, but it’s colorful and makes me happy knowing it exists.

A pile of wet hay will spontaneously combust.  I know that it really happens.  I’ve SEEN it happen, but it always seems like it shouldn’t be possible.

There haven’t been any Captain America or Green Lantern toys out here since those movies came out.  Well, actually there were never any Captain America ones.  The Green Lantern ones actually sold.  Excepting for the tertiary characters.  Hal Jordan and the orange bird guy aren’t anywhere now.  I’ve heard good and bad things about Green Lantern, but the kids must have liked it.  Captain America I’m not sure.  At least as far as the toys go I have no way to tell if the kids like it.  They don’t seem to be in love with Transformers either, but it’s hard to tell because they seem to stock T3 toys.  Or maybe overstock them.

My theory is that they overbought Iron Man and Thor figures and got gunshy with Cap.  Oh, there was also that Pirates movie that no one seemed to give a shit about.  There’s still tons of those terrible figures too.  I seem to recall there being a huge amount of Indiana Jones figures leftover back when Crystal Skulls came out.

I wonder if it’s just out here, or if it’s like that all over.

I haven’t seen any Smurfs stuff, but surely there must be some.  They seem like a very marketable brand.  Plus the movie over performed.   I guess I could look it up real quick.  Looks like they have Mega Blocks.  Those actually look pretty cool in spite of being the Lego alternative.  (Lego has far too high an opinion of itself.)  There’s some movie style dolls out there too.  New stuff hasn’t dominated the Amazon listings yet anyway.  Damn but some of those movie designs are creepy looking.  Getting those toys right is going to be really hard.

The corn is tasseling and my allergies are killing me.  I’m usually okay indoors, but some of it has infiltrated my same areas.

Almost none of my fans use Google+, so  the whole site just looks like a bunch of cartoonists trying to impress each other.  Other artists really aren’t a good target audience, unless they ARE your target audience, because they have their own shit to pay attention to.  I’ve noticed that popularity with other artists gives you a skewed idea of who is actually popular with people though.  There are several artists who seem to be liked by other artists that have no success with their actual work, but the perception is that they actually are broadly popular.  It’s kind of fascinating.  Perception truly is reality.

I’m not really sure where I stand as far as that sort of thing goes.  I just have my little circle of people, and you guys.  Mostly people don’t talk to me, and as far as I can tell that’s true for everyone who makes comics.  Or maybe I just tend to make friends with the outcasts.  That actually seems more likely.  Anyway, what I usually hear when I talk to a new person is that they thought that no one liked them, which is why no one talked to them.  So apparently self esteem issues are rampant with creative types.  Who knew?

I don’t really have a point here; just wordthinking.