813 If Not For You.


Here is a recording of a friend of mine and I doing some improv.  http://betweenfailures.tumblr.com/  A comedy bonus for you.

After over a year they finally released the second episode of Hector: Badge Of Carnage for the iPod family of products.  If you have the means I highly recommend this point and click adventure.   It’s the most British video game I’ve ever played.

Did I tell you guys that I accidentally got into the old kids show Arthur?  I was aware of it for many years of course.  It was ubiquitous on PBS even when I was younger.  Never really watched it though.  What got me to actually watch an episode were the videos on Youtube where they screw the shows all up by editing them in strange ways.  Those things crack me up, but I’ve noticed that if I’m familiar with the source I find them even more funny.  So I made the DVR search out Arthur for me.  After watching a few episodes I kind of got hooked on it…  It’s no wonder they made so many of them.  It’s a good show.

I need to come up with some kind of general audience idea like that.  Something I can hand off to other people who will just give me money over time.  XD