1790 Creatively Bankrupt.


It’s very likely that Carol didn’t have a console before she played that space game. Maybe a 3DS or something, some phone games, but not a console. Now though, she has one of her own so she can play multiple goes of games she likes. In spite of her adversarial language she obviously enjoys games.

I honestly don’t want to talk about Solomon a lot. Not that he wasn’t a good boy, who I loved, but I’ve spoken so much to so many people that I’m exhausted by not being able to emotionally process his death in my own head. There’s a big empty space in the house where he was, and it hurts especially since he died on the same day as the Teen’s dad after Xmas. He went quickly and peacefully, which is as much as you can hope for. He was a lovely, kind, gentle, dog who would have been a good pet for anyone, but I had the privilege of him being one of mine. I’ll miss him and his funny ways forever.