795 Magical Nookie.


I tried to have Nina deliver the nookie line in a more adult manner, but she wasn’t having it.  For whatever reason she wanted to call it what she wanted to call it, and I gave in.  Thomas also had a line at the end too, but I realized it didn’t make sense and didn’t add anything that his face wasn’t already expressing.  In this case, less was more.  Generally I believe that more is more, but I’m open to other ways of thinking.

I got invited to that Google + and have been trying to see if it will be useful in any way.  So far it’s exactly as useful as facebook, which is not at all.  Expectations are falling off as each day goes by.  It’s probably going to be another one of those things that I log in to occasionally so i can wonder why I logged in at all.

I’ve done pretty much every internet fad you can think of.  Livejournal was the start.  I think it still exists.  I know my account does.  I logged in not too long ago.  I tried to see what was up with Myspace a while back, and it’s become a totally useless site.  It kept me sort of connected at one point, but Facebook won out.  Which is sad considering how poorly it manages to do the same thing.