794 Conjuring.


I totally forgot to paint Nina’s blush till a few minutes before this went live.  It’s kind of important so I had to get my shit together quick.

Nina’s character design is kind of odd in that even people who hate my comic like that she is pretty while somehow being flawed.  Or at least perceived as such.  I don’t see big ears, and buckteeth as a flaw so I don’t perceive them that way.  I love sticky out ears, and Nina’s type of mouth.  Which looks somewhat different in real life, but I’ve seen it a few times.  The way I draw it on her is just a translation of the reality that is equivalent in my mind.

All of the characters are designed to be pleasing to my aesthetic, even the one people dislike.   I like a wide range of looks in male and females.  Which is not to say I swing both ways, but as an artist I appreciate both forms.  As a hetero male though the girls tend to get stuck with combinations of traits I like.  It’s hard to tell who got the shortest stick, since beauty is subjective.  I’d be interested in your opinions of the looks of any of the characters.  Particularly what you like of course, but general musings are good too.