796 Weird Direction.


Nina seems to approach everything she likes with an innocent sort of glee.  Thomas seems to get swept up in it before his brain catches up.  THIS AMUSES ME.

This is kind of a weird thing to be sad about, but I never got all the awards I should have when I was on Drunk Duck.  Since I recently stopped posting the archive there I got to thinking about it.  Pretty much from day one there was always something wrong with how that site treated my comic.  They have these little awards you get for doing stuff, like being #1, or what have you, but whenever I did them they wouldn’t appear.  I didn’t say anything about it at the time, but it always bugged me a little.  Much like it bugs me when I don’t get an achievement in a game when I should have done.  This is a new feeling for me since before my 360 I didn’t care about achievements at all.  Now I care about them just a bit.  Not enough to go after them for the sake of having them, but I want recognition for having done things I have done.

Somehow I still managed to end up in the top ten there several times, even though much of the time my comic wouldn’t appear in searches.  people found it however they found it and read it anyway.  Which isn’t really that big a deal.  It takes a very small number of views to get in the top ten there, but still.  It was something.

Sites like Drunk Dunk really should do something to pay back the people that create their content.   The idea that the hosting of your work should be compensation enough is bullshit.  Even Youtube has a partnership program for people who produce popular videos.  I think it’s time for artists to stand up and ask for payment for services rendered.  If nothing else, any site that displays content created by users should allow users to place at least one advertising spot for themselves.  I don’t think that’s asking too much.  And it shouldn’t require a lot of coding knowledge either.  It should be simple enough that anyone could do it.

I’m going to make this a quest.  Artists need to be valued…  We need to get paid.