792 Dumbledon’t.


I think it’s safe to assume that when Pottermania hit the store it was probably Nina’s fault.
I was introduced to the series about the time the 3rd book came out. A coworker convinced me to try the first book, which I bought in paperback. I read it in probably 2 sittings, then bought the hardcovers for it and the rest the next day. The paperback was passed to a friend, who also became a fan, and I hope they paid it forward as well. XD

The strange thing for me about Harry Potter was that I just read the books. After I was done reading them I didn’t sit around thinking about the intricacies of the world in which it was set. Every other thing I was in to to that time I always devoted time to imagining the expanded universe for. In fact I only started thinking about the larger Potterverse when I started writing this part of the comic. I’m not sure what was different about HP, but my guess would be that the books do a pretty good job of making the world seem finished. There’s an intuitive logic to it all that doesn’t spark my brain to want to fill gaps.

At the same time, if I was presented with further materials, licensed of course, I would want to see them. Which is why I have a copy of The Tales Of Beedle The Bard.

It could just be that I got over fanfiction when I started writing my own stuff, and it just happened to coincide with starting to read Harry Potter. I guess it doesn’t matter. Part of why I stopped, for sure, is that there’s no money in it. Unless you get hired to write for a franchise. Which is why I think a lot of Star Wars and Transformers stuff reads like fanfic.

I once read a script online that was to do with He Man. It was presented as a lost script for the old show. It was far more complex than the show tended to be, but the general idea was good. A short while later they remade He Man and late in the show’s run a nearly identical episode aired. I always wondered if the script I had read was written by the guy who wrote the episode. That’s kind of the endgame for fanfic. The hope that the brand will see your work as superior and pay you for it.

Just before they started the newer wave of Transformer comics a friend of mine and I got the brilliant idea to restart the franchise ourselves… and do god knows what with it. Thankfully the comics started to appear before we sunk much time into it and broke us of the idea.

I see pretty much all fanfic as a waste of time now. Mine or anyone else’s. If you’re good enough to write good fanfic you’re good enough to write something of your own. Of course if you can only expand upon the ideas of others that doesn’t rule out success. It’s just hard to get in. I suspect getting in must be harder than starting from scratch, but I have no data to back that up. It’s just a feeling. Plus, I like owning my stuff. Having someone else holding the purse strings has never sat right with me.