787 Dinkley.


The new Scooby Doo show has an episode that spotlights the “Scooby Doo formula”.  Scooby Doo wasn’t the first time they tried the formula, it’s just the one that worked.  My favorite version of the teen mystery solvers show, apart from Scooby Doo, is Funky Phantom.  It’s so gloriously terrible.  The phantom is essentially Snagglepuss as a dead colonial.  Which is something Hanna Barbera did a few times.  Meaning repurposing a personality for a new property.  The voice itself is lifted from a real actor, which led to a lawsuit eventually.

Which reminds me of Foghorn Leghorn, the loud rooster from Looney tunes.   He’s a ripoff of a popular radio show character from around the time Legghorn was created.  Of course few remember the original character.  You can look it up on Wikipedia.  They paint the story more kindly than I have, but it is what it is.  For whatever reason that was cool back in the day.  You’d be in big trouble if you tried that shit today.

Can you imagine making a cartoon character of, say, Ray Romano?  Except it’s not him, it just talks like him?  Can you imagine the shitstorm?  I may have written about this before because it kind of fascinates me.  Our culture has changed so much since that time.  I wonder if it still happens and I just haven’t seen a new example.