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In case you didn’t see the tweet about it I love how Tumblr displays an art archive.

There isn’t a regular Hal Jordan to be had within miles of here.  I’m not sure if kids just love Green Lantern, or what, but it’s weird costume versions, second stringers, or nothing.   I hope it’s that kids love the movie.

There’s nearly no Captain America figures either.  It’s only a smattering of comic series ones.  I’m curious about what the base Captain America figure will look like.  Does he only fight in Hitler times in the movie?  I’m totally assembling the Avengers on my desk.  Right now it loots like two robots and a hippie formed a Kiss cover band…  I guess if you add in Cap you’ll have an alternate universe Village People.

All the stores out here skipped over a section of Transformers in favor of shitty movie figures.  Which is totally lame because I was looking forward to a few of the old school characters still.  I should be happy I got any at all.