783 Historied.


I’m not sure if I ever said it before, but the ghost hunting story was one of the first ones I ever wrote when I started the comic.  It evolved over time, but for the most part it remains as it was.  The most notable exception was the inclusion of Jolene.  She didn’t exist, as such, when I wrote the first draft.  In the very first version of the original story she was essentially a different character.  Much more like Carol.  Too much like Carol I eventually decided.  Removing that version didn’t work as well as I liked either, so I had to kind of go back and look things over to see what sort of archetype I could drop in to fill her space.

I wanted a character that I could use to express the shy side of my personality with.  Although shy is not quite the right word for it.  Maybe social anxiety would describe it better.  In any case I started from there and worked out the being that became Brooksie.  She was a happy accident.  After I wrote her in things seemed more whole.

When it came time to tell this story I went back over it and found it lacking.  Thomas and John talking to each other is alright, but I felt like including another element would make the story carry better.  Plus, weeks of two dudes talking gets boring real fast.  Drawing nothing but dudes doesn’t thrill me either.  Anyway, from the original base the script spilled out in two directions.  There was a new opening and an amended ending.   I think it came together pretty well.  At least as well as anything I’ve ever presented.

If nothing else adding in some extra Jo didn’t hurt anything.