1895 Pay It Forward.


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Back when I still frequented comic shops prepaying for a pull list wasn’t a common practice. I looked around and it seems to be the norm now, but at least a few places don’t require it, but I don’t know how they get away with it. They didn’t use to credit you for overbuying comics, but maybe they do now? I’m not sure. In any case I watched not prepaying for pull lists take down three comic shops. Almost 4, but one managed to pull out of the nosedive… Although they diversified into other products and aren’t really a comic shop anymore. Several people would start massive pull lists and then just disappear. From their point of view I can see how embarrassing it would be to have to come in and tell someone you can’t pay for the $300 dollars of stuff you preordered, but it’s still a dick move. At the same time it was incredibly difficult to get people to come back for books month after month and the pay on arrival pull list roped a few people in for the long term. Unfortunately that system fails over time more often than not.
I expect that not a lot has changed for the independent comic shop over the last decade. Most companies don’t make deals with little shops about returns & what have you. Places like Wal Mart carry some multi packs of comics, but it’s virtually impossible to start getting a run of books with the haphazard system they have of using contracted vendors.
When I was little Marvel had a subscription service, but I don’t know if they still do. I eventually stopped using it because every time I bought (well, my parents bought…) a subscription for a year they series would fail after 6 0r 8 books then they’d give you some random shit to end the run of the thing. So I got most of the Madballs series, for example, then they didn’t send me the actual last issue printed but three spider man books that weren’t contiguous or even from the same series. This actually happened with EVERY comic book I ever had a subscription to from every company. The Real Ghostbusters, Captain N, Super Mario World, Madballs, all ended before an actual series close, they all didn’t send me the last book. In the case of TR Ghostbusters they sent me every other book at the end and then three random shitty comics when they went bankrupt.
How the fuck have comics survived this long? Looking at it now this system of sales if fucking ridiculous…