1401 Gunshow.


Fun fact, Carol’s sports bra is modeled after one I found online while looking for one that would realistically contain a bust as large as hers. Rather than just guess at one would look like I did the reading and found this armor plated looking thing. I think it looks pretty rough and it suits her. That said, the real version had a more complex connection to the cups that I was not willing to replicate in a drawing over and over after trying to draw it once. So I made it look like a regular strap. Thomas’s chest hair is enough of a pain to do panel upon panel.

A storm came through here earlier and just wrecked shit. I needed to take the teen to therapy but we didn’t get out of the house fast enough and got caught in it. It started hailing a little as we got a ways from the house, but it didn’t seem to be getting worse so we kept going. Then it suddenly got worse. Golf ball sized hail worse in a very short period of time. I kept thinking if we could get a little bit away we’d be ahead of it, but couldn’t drive fast enough to do it. I had to pull into someone’s driveway and wait it out. My windshield got cracked in the passenger side corner. I’m hoping that maybe my insurance will replace it.

On the plus side the Ultra Magnus I preorderd months ago came today. I had the original UM as a kid so I really wanted the Combiner Wars version. It’s very much like the way I imagined he should be as a kid. He even has shoulder missiles that you can take off and they are the same peg size as original Magnus. So I put on his real missiles. Pretty much makes him look perfect as you could hope for.
I have all the parts from original Magnus, but his gun doesn’t go in his new hands very well. So I let Strongarm have it. Because she is in love with him and wants to have robabies with him. (That may be in my mind alone…)

They are making new versions of a lot of Transformers that I had as a kid. The difference being that this time the new sculpts look like the way the old toys looked in your kid memory. I’ve been trying to get them as they come out. I had a very small and random selection of G1 guys. I can probably still list them all. Optimus Prime, Cosmos, Huffer, Overdrive, Jazz, Slingshot, Brawn, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Gears, Outback, Powerglide, Seaspray, Wheelie, Blurr, Ultra Magnus, Hoist, Hound, Chromedome, Grimlock, Sludge Slagg, Streetwise, Blades, Freeway, And Starscream. Yes, Starscream. The most dangerous decepticon in my mind because he single handedly had take on incredible odds and fuck with the autobots all by himself. I actually got Astrotrain at about the same time I got Magnus and the other movie era autobots, so Starscream Finally got someone to boss around.
I have almost all of the old team in new toy form. The Dinobots have never been satisfactorily remade, except for Grimlock who everyone loves. Overdrive is an Alternator that wasn’t released with his proper gun in Amreica. (I do have him though.) Gears and Outback are 3rd party because they refuse to make a decent Gears. Anyway, I’ll tel you guys more about it later. Part of the reason I write such believable characters probably has a lot to do with having mostly good guys as toys so a lot of the conflict had to be interpersonal, or something like that.