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The other day I kept getting warnings about a fake tech support scam, but no matter how much I cleaned the computer they wouldn’t stop. So I kept trying to figure out what was doing it & found out that it isn’t technically a virus, so virus protection won’t fix it for reasons. Anyway, I ended up using Microsoft’s text chat support. The long and short of it was I had to reset my browser, which I would have just done myself, but I wanted to save my favorites list and couldn’t remember how. The support guy was nice, but you can tell they have to go from a script of steps. I had some of my problems looked up before he got through his steps. Still, it’s better than trying to use the forums when I really just wanted to know if resetting the browser was the only solution.
Anyway, it seems to me if I’m gonna pay for virus protection they might go ahead and fix stuff like this even though it’s not a virus per se. I downloaded some other free stuff just to see if it would find things other than what Norton does, but I’ve already got a few layers of protection on this thing. Of course you can’t be too careful these days. All these Russian hackers have infiltrated sites and they don’t even know it. It’s crazy.