1876 Well Built.


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I offer first time users to my Patreon a quick sketch of basically whatever they like, usually an image of themselves to use on social media or whatever. I’ve done so many I lost count of them ages ago. Every so often some of them fall through the cracks and I go through my email folders to make sure I got them all. At this point I’ve done so many that my brain doesn’t retain any memory of them at all in some cases, so I look through my archive and it’s crazy because I’ll see all these drawings that I have no memory of doing, but I clearly drew them. A lot of the time I do a stack right before bed, or when I have a few moments between doing other things and it’s like my mind just dumps all memory of them after I’m done. For someone who has a pretty exceptional memory it’s unnerving to have big blank spots like this. I’m doing as many as I can right now but I’m wondering if I’ll remember any of it after I’m done. XD