1400 Leggy.


Nina is very kindly going easy on Ed. She’s not going her full stride. I hope the image makes that clear. Hers would be much longer than his, and she doesn’t want to be too hard to catch…

I almost forgot what day today was. I was sitting here and suddenly realized I needed to set up the post for Wednesday. I’ve been derping around all day with the Teen so I got sidetracked.

I’ve been playing Splatoon in the evenings. Well, the early morning really… BetweenFailures if you have a wiiu. I even managed to get two of the 3 Amiibos for regular price. The third, which is a green squid, may not be sold separately. I’m not sure. Hopefully it will be because The 3 pack is over double shelf price after market. The custom gear you get and the extra missions are neat.

It’s a hard to explain game in some ways. People have been trying to simplify it down to being Nintendo’s call of duty, but it’s not. It’s amazingly clever and offers real depth of strategy and skill if you look for it. The ranked battles are very frustrating. I haven’t really figured out how to advance in them very well. Every time I think I have a strategy that works the whole tone of the game seems to shift, or the other players adapt faster than I can. I like it, but it’s harsh. If you lose you get nothing, so that time you could have been leveling your gear, or earning money for stuff, is lost. On balance though, even if you lose a few times in a row, you make money faster in one match than the same time spent on turft wars.
Hopefully they use some of the single player levels in the multiplayer at some point. Anyway, if you want to battle with me message me someplace and let me know you’re playing.

I Should be getting to the last patreon drawings soon, and the last ones for this month as well. In case you were wondering where yours is. I’m on it. Thanks for your patience.