1399 Peggle.


Don’t get into a high kick contest with her is all I have to say.

I’m really sleepy right now. I slept through two alarms this morning and still want to sleep. Luckily I had already done several of the tasks I thought I hadn’t already done that I needed to do today. I don’t remember when I did them, but it was like a present from past me for all his shittiness. It does worry me slightly that I have no recollection of doing the things, but a lot of the things I do are repetitive, so maybe they specific memories were purged for lack of being unique.

I think the drawing of Ed is officially the least successful of the ebay drawings. He didn’t manage to beat Reggie, which would likely piss him of quite a bit if he knew. I overestimated his popularity. Or maybe the drawing itself was substandard. Regardless, it’s a new failure by which to mark the passage into a new between time. Rather than draw Mike, which I didn’t feel like doing, I decided to go with the suggestion of the single commenter who had an opinion on the matter, and draw Victoria. We will grind Ed’s failure into the ground by celebrating the family of his rival.

Teen corner.
hello world im back again! shocker huh? I just spent all day at the lake swimming and tubing so I am tired,sore,and sunburnt the 3 best lake qualities! lol it was a lot of fun I was also a chaperone for my 17 year old friend and her boyfriend they were lovey kissey and gross the whole trip ugh relationship people! now I plan on snacking watching movies and sleeping lots!!!anyways that sums up my day until next time – the teen