1398 Snuggle Softness.


You rarely meet anyone who hates boobs outright. For some reason, pretty much every woman I’ve ever met online, even if she’s essentially straight, enjoys boobs. Lounging on their friend’s boobs, fondling them for fun, whatever. Even if it never goes further than that. I don’t know why that is. Maybe internet users are just more inclined to be open for things. Maybe it’s an anomaly in my data. I don’t know. Maybe we’re all just mammals mammaling it up.

I apologize for not returning to update the post from Wednesday. I didn’t want to type all the nonsense that happened between then and when I would have done it. The short version is that the Teen had a fight with her friend who was visiting and it resulted in her needing to go home early. I’ve been out running errands and carting her around, in the heat, since then. Taking the time to actually work on the comic rather than post about the Teen’s drama seemed like a better use of my time anyway.

As long as I’m thinking about it, she has taken to grooming me. Like an ape. Picking at my hair and skin, looking for blemishes to toy with. Is this a sign of insanity, or a normal human thing that I haven’t experienced before? She says that her mother used to do it to her and I feel like that speaks to her mother’s ever so slightly masked insanity…

I’ve managed to get ever so slightly ahead and I hope I can keep that momentum going this month so I can have a nice little buffer built back up before long.

I’m going to have to remove some Patreon accounts for delinquent payments. A few people have pledged and then never paid, which saddens me. If you haven’t checked in a while you might want to. My understanding is that some of the messages and whatnot I’ve been sending aren’t reaching everyone. There are hiccups with Patreon’s system after their last upgrade, I guess. If you haven’t checked for new content for a while you might want to. There isn’t a ton, but what I agreed to is there, plus a little extra. Also, if you’ve pledged for a while and already gotten an avatar drawn, feel free to request a sketch if you want.

There’s still time to bid on Ed if you want to. LINK

I may draw Jess, or Mike, next. I haven’t decided. Feel free to try and sway my decision in the comments if you have a preference.

In case any of you were curious they still never contacted me about the breathing thing I did that sleep study for. I basically pissed away a thousand dollars for nothing. If I’m potentially going to die young I’d’ve rather used that money on things to make my time more enjoyable, rather than lining the pockets of some bullshit “medical professional” who doesn’t give two craps if people live or die.
It really pisses me off that I’m expected to pay on the dot, but they can just fuck around as much as they like and there are no consequences.

I saw a thing on facebook about a battery powered thing for that breathing sleep deal. It looks way better than the big contraption they use now. I didn’t read the article because it looked a little spammy, and possibly fake, but if it’s a real deal it would be cool to use that I bet. I mean, not that I’ve used ANY of those things, but based on conjecture I expect it would be more comfortable than a big face mask.

I found a Pac-Man Amiibo, but I haven’t been able to sit down long enough to even take him out of the box. Even now he’s sitting on a shelf across the room. He looks very nice in his box. It’s kind of a shame that I can’t keep him in it and take him out to use too.

My obsession with video games started with Pac-Man. That was the first game I played that really seemed like something worth spending time on. Of course the home version was total crap, but in the arcade it looked so colorful and fun. Since I only got yo play it once or twice I didn’t realize for a long time just how tedious Pac-Man is as a game and how little I actually liked it. At the time though, everyone had Pac-Man fever. There was even a song, because everyone in the past are always idiots.

When I actually got a home video game system it was an Atari 7600. I liked Food Fight, Donkey Kong, Yars Revenge, and asteroids mostly. I had a game where you defended a castle and threw rocks at other castles, but the controllers I had for it broke too quickly. We got them second hand and at the time I wasn’t the kind of person would open up broken stuff to see if I could fix it. In retrospect I probably could have.

Even at the time those games basically sucked. It wasn’t until Mario Brothers that games got good to the point where I have memories that are more along the lines of fond rather than just a way to kill time. I remember getting Castlevania with my NES for Xmas and being amazed by it. I also remember when they announced Mario Bros 2 and how cool it was that you could pick things up and carry them to throw later.

Past me is always such an idiot.

Now I’m playing a game where squid people cover the landscape in paint, and “kill” each other. I will never see this as a dumb thing to do. NEVER!

Teen corner

hello world its teen time! just kidding,long time no post (from me ) right? I’ve been off swimming and doing other various teen things. not really ive mainly been at home sleeping in but I have went to the lake a few times and I have already mangaged to get sunburned yay. so today I tried jackies new game splattoon and im loving it. not very good at it yet but its sooooo much fun. ive been working on drivers ed online lately and let me tell you that its just a balst. NOT. it literally told me you use the streering wheel to drive the car like really? come on internet give me some credit here I know that much. ive been baking a lot to anytime im bored. jackies says im obsessed but I don’t think so I mean ive only made cocnut bars,cupcakes,and other various deserts and foods I find on pinterest. lol I have no life. im currently job hunting so far applied at burger king,quiznos,subway,little caesars,brew unto others and sonic so far nothing. maybe something about me just doesn’t scream hire me? im not sure to be honest. not even sure I want a job my bed would miss me to much. im going to continue playing splatoon now bye guys until next time my peeps

I’ve left the teen’s post unedited for you pedants to enjoy correcting. Like the maze on the back of a menu!