777 Spin.


I’ve had several of what, for me, count as nightmares.  Where I wake up feeling sad.  I’d just as soon not think about them, but I still remember one, so I’ll share a little.

The premise was that I was  visiting a place I used to work, I might have even been working there again.  In either case it was sucky, but I spent a lot of the dream getting caught up on things.  Then the sky went dark and aliens began invading.  Which is a really weird thing for me to dream about.  I never had an invasion dream that I can recall.  Anyway, they were shooting these earthquake rays that sent anime style destructive waves along the ground at whatever.  Long story short I was escaping, even though everyone else didn’t seem that worried, but a ship spotted me and took a shot at me.  I realized that no matter how fast I ran I’d never get far enough to get outside the blast zone.  So I just stood there.  It was weird.  I kind of started to realize it was a dream at this point, but I wondered what would happen when the force hit me.  Then I turned to my right and the character Rayman, from a series of games I hate, was sitting on a riding lawnmower.  He was like “hey.”  Then I woke up.

The dream was bad on several levels.  Not only was it a bad story, but it was also dumb at the end.  I was like >:|    I hope it’s not a long series of sucky dreams.  I’d like some good one sprinkled in at least.