2051 Rabble Rouser.


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The bat is just to scare off he timid. The police is for when they say “go on then.”

I don’t own the original Muppet movie. Or at least I didn’t. Every time I’ve gone to buy it I was either broke, or it was out of print. Seriously, I’ve been trying to buy it for almost 20 years now. The stars just kept being poorly aligned. I remembered it the other day and it wasn’t on amazon. It was like, damn too late again. So I went to ebay and some guy had a ton of them for $7 on dvd. Free shipping, you know I’m down for that. So now I can watch this movie I’ve only seen clips of for the better part of two decades. That may seem silly but I was, and still am really, a big muppet fan. I loved the single season they did on ABC or whatever, but Disney hasn’t really figured them out, or maybe they’re a relic, like myself. In any case I’m stuck with pre death of Henson stuff for the most part until someone figures them out again.