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People rarely do introductions anymore. Or at least they didn’t very often when I was around people regularly. When I was little they actually took time to teach us about introducing people to each other and other forms of etiquette. Honestly, a little time spent on buying a car, or balancing your checkbook might not have gone amiss, but there we are. That’s not to say that there’s no value in etiquette lessons, just that maybe spending a day on some other things might have been a good idea rather than the time we were instructed on how to best cheer at sporting events. Introductions were always something I wanted since as a shy person a little ice breaker would have been nice, but they had fallen out of favor by the time they would have been useful to me. For my part I tried to introduce various friends to each other whenever I could, rather than just letting things go however they went, but sometimes things are just moving to fast & you can’t do a proper introduction. Anyway, maybe it’s just an archaic thing that I have in my head because my schools were caught between modernity & the rites of ancient times longer than other establishments.