1314 Hope Floats.


Teen Not The Corner
Hello interweb peeps!! im baaacccckkkkk :P today is Thursday obviously and I’m super hyper for some odd reason. I’m beginning to think Jackie put the drugs in my coffee…pretty sure he’s plotting my doom! he has indeed admitted to plotting my doom so looks like this is war Jackie vs. the teen who’s on my side? lol but seriously that’d be really funny as a comic page or something. anyways I have a friend over and she is currently playing with Jackie’s various Legos as the dogs attack her and tries to eat the Legos. I found this pretty amusing, school on the other hand was not so amusing. I failed my bio. test horribly so there goes my A in bio. yearbook is going well though today a senior in the class decided to sing all her responses till the teacher finally said “I’m going to knock you out!” and that I found very amusing considering she’s very calm most of the time. so I guess the day wasn’t to disappointing, I had therapy though which I don’t like much but after I got French fries and a root beer so it was worth it! me and Jackie jammed out to the monster high theme song on the way home and his dance he does is hilarious eventually I need to video tape it to show you all, I feel you would enjoy it. Jackie just gave my friend a Lego cookie I am incredibly jealous!! where’s my Lego cookie!!!??? wait he made up for it I got a Lego dollar so its all good in the hood. oh my Jackie is speaking of creating a Lego strip club! XD he has wayyyy to much time on his hands. he just offered me a Lego sausage which I told him I thought should go to his Lego stripper XD that’s pretty much all I have for tonight goodnight peeps from the teen and her crazy friend the older teen!!

Creator Corner
Well, that went about as bad as it could have gone. The Teen has taken two boxes of sorted Legos… I can almost feel the sorting unhappening. She gets super hyper on the weekends, and the effect is doubled half over again when she’s with others of her age range. Which boils down to a lot of flailing of limbs and screaming. It’s kind of like being in a house full of living Muppets. I managed to bargain her down from taking my actual projects to taking two boxes of older parts I’m not currently using. They are mostly Star Wars parts from about a decade ago. The stuff from before they redid the scale of the sets. I play with Legos pretty much the same way I play Animal Crossing, or similar games. Basically like a Zen garden. That’s partly why I’ve never played Minecraft. I can see myself dumping hours of my life into a game like that. Although, having monsters around that can fuck up your perfectly groomed lawn might sour me on grand designs…

I really like the idea of the whole Lego community thing. Like, I feel like super hard core Lego fans would be pretty mellow people, relatively speaking. I’ve seen some videos of the gatherings and they seem pretty laid back. Kind of like the most excited they ever get is equivalent to Doc Brown telling Marty about the flux capacitor. I’ve got some ideas for sweet building sets coming together in my head. I think you can submit them to the company as new set ideas. That would be a pretty neat thing to do, I think. I’d like to make something like a 1900s American main street kind of thing. Not “old west” per se, but America as it began to really settle down and be civilized. At least in so far as we ever have been… The problem with that is matching colors. I’m not sure what colors are available for buying in bulk and that era had some pretty specific aesthetics. Still, it might be doable. Of course it may have already been done. I should probably look around. Finding out your idea has already been done tends to have a cooling effect on insane plans. Of course I went ahead and made this comic in spite of everyone saying that it’s just a shitty retelling of Clerks. So who knows? Sky’s the limit baby!

I relegated myself to the back end of the post tonight because mine follows hers chronologically.