1315 Dissimilar.


I had a headache on Saturday. It wasn’t one of my worst, but it left part of my forehead sore. It’s almost like I pulled a muscle in my eyebrow. There must be a crossed wire around there because when I touch it I can feel it inside my nose. The body is weird sometimes.

I unlocked all but one hero in State Of Decay: Breakdown. I would have done all of them, but I gave away all my shotguns before checking the list. One of them requires 50 shotgun kills. Not a very hard task, but I hate dealing with shotguns because they are loud and slow. They are also most effective at close range, which doesn’t suit me either. Level 6 is not much fun. You really get an idea for how well you know the combat system, and what have you, but it’s right on the edge of being too intense for me to actually enjoy playing. It started me near the campgrounds, which is really far from the better base locations. The escort mission for the hero in the hazmat suit spawned a little further north on Mount Tanner, which is just the worst place to go late in the game. I hiked up there as fast as I could, so I’d be done escorting Walter back home before dark. There were ferals all over, in addition to a few fat bastards and a constant steam of police and army zombies. The resources are also much more scarce. Typical locations for getting an early foothold on the map are barren.
It was a very long walk to town. I didn’t see a single vehicle until I was almost there. I was attacked by 3 ferals, but had an open enough battlefield to keep from getting pounced on and injured. Fatties I just walked way around. They aren’t dangerous unless you get cornered by one. If I don’t have to fight a fat bastard I just ease on by. The redistribution of zombies really tweaks how you handle them. A swat zombie by itself is the weakest special infected. It just can’t be shot down. In early levels it’s rare to see more than a couple in a group. Now they come at you in gangs. They can’t be killed with the leg sweep move, only knocked down. They also tend to run and chase after you now for much longer. It really tires you out taking down a large group with 5 or 6 swat guys sprinkled in. They were a problem before when I was going to the headshot achievement. I’d get two or three in a row then I’d target an armored zombie that I couldn’t tell was one. It made that achievement the hardest one to complete. (Assuming that the shotgun one isn’t harder than I think it is…) Anyway, groups of swat guys mixed with ferals, screamers, or whatever, are way more daunting than what levels one through 5 was throwing at me. It’s pretty bleak.
My survivors are maxed out except for the new guy and Micky Wilkerson. I lost a powerhouse near the end of level 5 to a fatty, so I had an empty spot open for a new face. I took him so I’d have a marksman with the powerhouse ability. He’s going to spend a lot of time in the watchtower. Assuming we have a lot of time. We may not last long enough to build one. I can’t find construction material anywhere and everyone is getting sick. I may come back to the simulation having killed off some of my survivors. Sickness usually isn’t as big a worry as the zombies, but I can’t get a medical facility up and running. A group of neighbors spawned right next door to my chosen base though, so they might help out with the external enemies. I can also use them as a dumping ground for useless gear. I freed up a lot of space already. Mostly weaker guns. I’m swimming in ammunition, but can’t get the influence needed to actually get it out of the supply locker…
I actually planned ahead when I moved on to level 6. I built up a lot of influence then loaded my players up with expensive gear. Then, when the new level started, I dumped it all back in for a quick influence boost. I forgot to do that at the start of level 5 and got taught a harsh lesson indeed.

By the way, Patrons, I wrote the next part of Wandering King, it’ll be available asap.

Teen Corner

The Teen has elected not to write because everyone in the world hates her and it has made her morose. Watch this space for further developments.