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Hey guys, a friend of mine’s book came out Pepper Penwell and the Land Creature of Monster Lake.  The title is a link in case you are a little slow.  Check out the copy from the Amazon site:\

Pepper Penwell is a great manga styled graphic novel which follows in the footsteps of great teeen detectives like Nancy Drew and the HArdy Boys. Something sinister is afoot in the remote town of Monster Lake, Great Britain. Enter Pepper Penwell, teenage sleuth and budding adventurer, armed with her trusty magnifying glass and full to the brim with tea and spunkiness. With the help of her absolutely smashing detective’s brain, Pepper sets out to track down a missing drum majorette and uncover all manner of knavish undertakings in this comedic adventure for young adults and up.

You should totally support my friends because…  I’m awesome.  LOGIC!

I totally forgot what time it was since I was on the road today.  I’m a little tired and fuddled.