762 Blunt Force Trauma.


The other day I added another step to my teeth cleaning ritual because I found a toothbrush I was given. It was still in the package. I’m not sure why I never noticed before, but the rubber grip parts were a really inviting shade of green. A color that made me want to have it interact intimately with my mouth. I already have a nice electric toothbrush, but I was compelled. It’s probably the nicest toothbrush I ever got from a dentist. The usual ones are that cheap plastic that’s translucent, and always in bad colors, like purple.

I also have stacks of floss. I don’t know anyone who actively uses much floss. I like the little plastic kind that you don’t have to wrap around your fingers. The ones with little toothpicks on the handle. Those are far easier to maneuver. I think people would be more apt to use floss if it was presented that way more often. If the floss containers came with some sort of pick that you could load a strip of floss in I bet they could sell more. I’d be in to that. I don’t like throwing away a whole pick thing every time. If you could reuse the handle that would be economical.

Maybe I should do something with this. I already have it mostly designed in my head. Nobody steal my idea!

Are you guys into cleaning your teeth a lot? You should be. Clean teeth are their own reward.